Principal Investigator:

R01 MH122491-01 Tso (PI) 05/01/2020 – 03/31/2025

Disrupted Eye Gaze Perception as a Biobehavioral Marker of Social Dysfunction: An RDoC Investigation

This project aims to investigate the role of altered gaze perception in social dysfunction and understand its neural correlates across the psychopathology dimensions of psychosis, autism traits, and social anxiety.

Role: Principal Investigator

Eisenberg Scholar Award Tso (PI) 01/01/2021 – 12/31/2022

University of Michigan Depression Center

Electrophysiological Signature of Affective Response Inhibition in Bipolar Disorder: Development of a Biomarker

The project aims to characterize the electrophysiological profile of affective response inhibition deficits in bipolar disorder and develop an EEG-based classifier of bipolar disorder.

Role: Principal Investigator

NARSAD Young Investigator Grant Tso (PI) 01/15/2019 – 01/14/2022

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Simulating Abnormal Gaze Processing in Schizophrenia: A Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation (cTBS) Experiment to Investigate Neural Mechanisms of Social Cognitive Impairment

This project aims to understand the brain mechanisms of social information processing in schizophrenia using a healthy human subject model and experimental method with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

Role: Principal Investigator

SPARK Tso/Fitzgerald (MPI) 03/01/2019 – 02/28/2022

Simons Foundation

Michigan SPARK, ASD Clinical Network

This project aims to recruit a large cohort of individuals with ASDs and their parents (“trios”) to enable discovery of novel genetic mechanisms in ASD and investigate new genotype-phenotype correlations.

Role: Multiple Principal Investigator

K23 MH108823 Tso (PI) 06/15/2016 – 05/31/2021

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Neural Mechanisms of Eye Gaze Perception in Schizophrenia

This career development grant aims to delineate a brain network model of gaze perception deficits in schizophrenia using functional MRI and dynamic causal modeling.

Role: Principal Investigator


R01 MH121417 Thakkar (PI) 04/01/2021 – 01/31/2026

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Visual perception as a window onto prediction anomalies in schizophrenia

This project aims to establish the influence of prior experience on visual processing as an index of prediction abnormalities in schizophrenia, by measuring perceptual aftereffects and their neural correlates.

Role: Co-Investigator (Project) / Site PI (University of Michigan)

R01 MH120588 Breier (PI) 09/15/2020 – 08/31/2024

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Academic-Community Early Psychosis Intervention Network (AC-EPINET)

This is a 6-site project aiming to leverage a low-burden assessment battery and informatics infrastructure to support a learning health system and examine the effectiveness of telehealth-based vs. clinic-based CSC.

Role: Co-Investigator (Project) / Site Co-PI with S.F. Taylor (University of Michigan)

R01 MH11863401 Taylor (PI) 09/01/2019 – 06/30/2024

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Multi-Modal Assessment of GABA Function in Psychosis

Using converging MRI measures of GABA function, this project studies GABAergic systems across the psychosis spectrum to inform the development of novel pharmacologic and clinical targets in psychosis.

Role: Co-Investigator

R01 MH112644 Thakkar (PI) 09/01/2017 – 07/31/2021

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Uncovering Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Psychosis Using the Oculomotor System

This project aims to identify the neural correlates of disturbed corollary discharge (CD) in early and chronic schizophrenia and across the schizophrenia-bipolar psychosis spectrum.

Role: Co-Investigator (Project) / Site PI (University of Michigan)


UM Depression Center Oscar Stern STAR Award Suzuki (PI) 01/01/2021-12/31/2022

The effects of social stress on error-related cognitive control

This pilot study investigates the effects of social stress on cognitive controls as expressed in theta neural oscillatory activity.

Role: Faculty Mentor

KL2 TR002241 Suzuki (PI) 03/01/2021 – 02/28/2023

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)

Negative Affect and Neural Correlates of Cognitive Control in Psychosis Spectrum

This career development grant aims to delineate the relationship between cognitive control deficits and negative affect in psychosis spectrum disorder patients using EEG and ecological momentary assessment.

Role: Co-Mentor